The black lion hospital, addis ababa, Ethiopia

The Black Lion Hospital’s Orthopaedic unit in Addis Ababa serves as the main link between the Ethiopian Orthopaedic Association and WOC-UK. This has been strengthened tremendously over recent years through the presence in Ethiopia’s capital of WOC-UK member Rick Gardner.

Rick works as a consultant for the CURE hospital in Addis but has dedicated time and effort into building the UK’s support of orthopaedic training at the Black Lion.

WOC-UK aims to support a minimum of 6 visits per year from the UK.

Ideally each trip would consist of two visitors for a minimum of two weeks at a time. Financial support for this has been generously provided by the Bone and Joint Journal council, along with funds allocated from WOC-UK’s own accounts.  

Look out for reports on recent WOC-UK member visits to Ethiopia in future copies of the BJJ news.

·       Linkman: Laurence Wicks

·       Suitable for: Consultants, or ST7 trainees (SpR year 5) and beyond

·       Work: teaching at all levels, mainly orthopaedic trainees (middle grades)

·       A minimum of 2 weeks is suggested

·       Serviced flat on campus

·       If you are interested in applying for a bursary to visit Ethiopia please download the form here.



Deepa Boose (Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon and Secretary of WOC-UK) teaching Ethiopian Residents at the Black Lion Hospital