Invitation to Collaborate

Northwest Orthopaedic and Trauma Alliance for Africa’ (NOTAA)

NOTA4ARC under the Northwest Orthopaedic and Trauma Alliance for Africa (NOTAA) has been running online international research and audit collaboratios for a few years. Recently, we have expanded our programme to include educational sessions with residents from abroad, mainly but not limited to Ethiopia.

We have recently collaborated with many groups and organisations in our attempt to promote this in the face of travel restrictions and the pandemic.
We are working with BON (West Midlands Deanery), BONES (Severn Deanery), the North West Deanery, Harvard Global Orthopaedics Collaborative and WOC.

The collaboration is completely free, and aims to remove any barriers for trainees to share knowledge. If your deanery has a organisation or group with an interest in global surgery and education, we invite you to collaborate with us on this programme. Please e-mail and if interested.

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