The British Palawan trust & the Dr Socrates rehabilitation centre & workshop,
Bahatala, Philippines

We only have one attending Orthopaedic Surgeon on one afternoon a week.  He really comes for our thriving Ponseti club foot clinic.  This means the emphasis of our unit is more on persons with disability (PWDs) and we have found that working with the Municipality Medical Social Workers rather than the Rural Health Units allows us to help many more patients.  We still help many people with fractures and other orthopaedic conditions some we can treat others need finance and appropriate referral.   Unfortunately the cost of healthcare is too high for the majority and the standard of specialist ability (all specialties) is generally low with resulting poor patient confidence making some opt for no treatment or to attend ‘faith healers’.  

Physiotherapy for post injury, cerebral palsy, post-surgery patients and those with congenital and acquired deformities.

Rehabilitation for the disabled, after strokes and cerebral palsy children.

Outreach Clinics arranged with the local Rural Health Units all over the province to assess patients and arrange appropriate follow up.

Club Foot Treatment.  The unit is the only Ponseti Club Foot Centre in Palawan with fully trained staff.  There is a club foot clinic every week.

Artificial Limbs are made in the workshop. We are the only supplier of prostheses in Palawan.

Braces and basic orthoses are made by the physiotherapists and the staff of the workshop.

Aids for the disabled.   Persons with disability (PWDs) are assessed and appropriate equipment is designed and made in the workshop.

Support for the disabled by improving their mobility and so enabling them to attend school, college or their place of work.

Acute injuries.   Such patients are assessed and then helped with finding the right doctor and the money to pay them.   A few are treated by telemedicine!

Please see Louis Deliss’ most recent report of his 2019 visit here.


Mr Louis Deliss F.R.C.S.
Chairman British Palawan Trust
The Orthopaedic Dept,
The Ipswich Hospital,
Heath Road,
Suffolk, IP4 5PD,

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